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Gunslinger dentist

very happy with the work
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Luke  came to us in May 2011 for dental crowns. He is very thankful and happy with his new smile.

Reasonable pricing. Clear advice from Daniel. there are cheaper dentists available, but cheapest is not always best! Already recommended to a colleague and he is booked in.

Dr. Marek is wild west gunslinger dentist! Very happy with the work!

Luke later sent us an email, it’s quite funny so we decide to show it here :

Can I just thank first of all Daniel for his expert help in getting us there, unbiased advice (this is why I chose Piestany), Phil the Driver as he’s very accommodating and helpful, Monika for her nice coffee and damn sexy eyes, Rob for his preparation work, and finally Marek for his expert dentistry all at 1000mph. Marek really does show his prowess due to his speed, and absolute efficiency, it just shows his superior dentistry skills with how quickly he assesses the work you need, no scratching chins and deep breaths, decisive and efficient.

I absolutely hated the dentist, and actually still do!, but I now consider Piestany my actual dentist, my check ups shall be done there as it is the best dentist I have been to. It is not a pleasant thing to have your mouth wide open being drilled, and that cannot be denied, but at Piestany I was as comfortable as I could have been. Marek even came in on the Sunday to finish my prep work as it took longer than first guessed. Imagine that, a dentist who works on a Sunday!

Thank you Luke for your email, we appreciate it.

Yes, Monika has really sexy eyes 🙂

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