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“I encourage you to come!”

James from Montreux in Switzerland first found us through the UK website “treatment abroad”. At age 70, he through that he needed almost all his teeth replaced with permanent natural looking teeth. We exchanged a mammoth 86 emails & telephone calls throughout his dental holiday journey, which took 3 visits over 6 months to complete.
Thankfully some of his existing teeth could be saved, and the overall treatment plan was smaller than he had initially anticipated.

Flying to Vienna airport from Geneva, our driver picked up James and his wife to take them to our clinic or their accommodation arranged by our clinic each time.

We placed 7 implants and crowns to the top jaw and 4 implants and crowns to the bottom jaw, saving some of his existing teeth.

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When asked what he would tell any of you who are considering our dental clinic in Slovakia for your dental treatment abroad, James said that he would:

Relay any fears they may have concerning the professional standard of the treatment and encourage them to come.”

Have a look here at the photographs, x-ray and hand-written testimonial to see the final result.