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Tooth eruption

Tooth eruption is when a tooth breaks through the gum during growth. This usually happens in childhood and may be known as teething. However, sometimes a tooth may not come in properly and needs to be pulled.


Most teeth will start coming through at the age of 6 months and finish by age six when “baby” teeth will start to fall out and, of course, the tooth fairy will come and leave you a coin or sweet. The first stage is known as primary dentition and is when the primary or baby teeth are visible.

The second stage is mixed dentition and starts when the first permanent molar appears in the mouth.  The final stage is permanent dentition and starts when the last baby tooth is gone (usually by age 11 or 12) and lasts for the rest of your life. Third molars or wisdom teeth are usually extracted due to decay, pain, or other medical reasons.

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