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“Excellent Dental Aftercare”

Janet with her new smile
Dental Treatment review
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Janet came from all the way up in Northern Scotland this past November to finish her dental treatment abroad with us at Dental Holiday in Slovakia.

She had a new porcelain bridge made for her upper front teeth, as her old NHS bridge was slowly giving way as the roots had failed, so a couple of dental implants were used to support the new bridgework.

Janet with her new smile
Janet with her new smile

During her 3 short visit with us, Dr.Marek extracted her failing teeth, placed 2 dental implants for her, fitted 3 specialized dental crowns, and our dental hygienist Barbora carried out some tooth whitening.

In her hand written testimonial she rates us 10+++ out of 10 🙂

I had implants & crowns placed by Dr. Marek. From the outset I had nothing to fear and would recommend anyone who has been struggling for years with ongoing dental problems to come here where all the anxiety and financial costs are taken away. All the staff look after your physical and emotional needs as well as excellent aftercare.”

At Dental Holiday we work with many patients for their excellent dental aftercare and we’re glad Janet had such a wonderful experience.

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