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Experience at Dental Holiday

Hand written dental treatment review

John sent us his first email enquiry in early April 2012, after finding us on Google, and he was having some problems with his old crowns and back teeth.

According to the photograph that he sent to us, we managed to put together a personalized treatment plan. Due to the expert and prompt response that he received, he booked his flight with to Bratislava and as soon as by end of April we started his dental treatment abroad.

John needed 7 root canal treatments, 2 glass fiber posts, 3 white fillings,  3 dental implants including 3 specialized implant crowns on them and 13 zirconium crowns. The total cost for his full mouth reconstruction was 7500GBP, saving him over half of what he would have paid for the same dental treatment in the UK.

John needed 3 short visits with us in total.

This is his dental treatment review :

Hand written dental treatment review
Hand written dental treatment review

Putting the price aside – The friendly stuff and professionalism over all the staff. The final result…exceeded my expectation! First time in my life I have been sad leaving a dentist because I won’t be returning for a while 🙂

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