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“Dental Holiday was well above my expectations”

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Here’s Matthew, who all the way from Northern Scotland badly needed a full upper and lower extraction due to ongoing periodontal problems and bone loss. Therefore we suggested that he replace both the both upper and lower jaw teeth with dental implants and a ceramic implant bridge. This was all completed in just 3 short visits using a temporary bridge for healing purposes throughout the process.


In Matthew’s upper jaw  we made 11 extractions, 2 sinus lifts, plus 6 implants and a 12 unit pure ceramic implant bridge.  For his lower jaw we did 10 teeth extractions, 5 implants and a 12 unit ceramic implant bridge. This is what he has to say about us after treatment:

10/10 First class service, care and value. Really pleased with the final result, above all my expectations. The whole team of Dental Holiday put a very nervous patient like me at ease.”

Click on the testimonial to read it in full
Click on the testimonial to read it in full

The Dental Holiday clinic is located in the spa town of Piestany, near Bratislava in Slovakia, close to Vienna. It’s located on the River Vah with a wellness center island where you can have a swim in the thermal waters Slovakia is known for, a mud bath, massage, facial, or mani-pedi, and all the spa treatments are at a lower cost than in the UK.

Matthew's final X-ray
Matthew’s final X-ray

Checking the cost of your plane travel is easy through sites like MedBeaver or any airline like Ryan-air which has daily flights to Bratislava from most airports in or near London. We pick you up from either Bratislava or Vienna airports free of charge.  Once your airline is booked just contact us and we can make your accommodations at the many apartments or hotels in town, again at reasonable prices.

Don’t wait for first class service in dental treatment abroad. If you need a full upper and lower jaw replacement, a few implants, a new crown/bridge or just a root canal, call or contact us today for a free quote. Imagine what would happen if you got your teeth sorted. Book your Dental Holiday now, it’s a great time to be alive!

4 thoughts on ““Dental Holiday was well above my expectations””

  1. I have only five lower teeth I have a full top denture that is not fitting well as my gum has receided so not much to hold I don’t wear bottom denture as it moves what could you do for me

    • Dear Lilian,
      If you’ve got problems with both your dentures, then I would recommend the “all on 4” (4 dental implants supporting 12 teeth in both the upper and lower jaw). I’ll send you a full email about it right now.

  2. Hi,

    I need 2 upper rear left and 1 lower middle to rear right tooth implants. Could you possibly give me a ball park quote

    Thank you


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