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Free Aftercare For All Our Patients

It is always nice to see our happy patients go back home with a huge smile and even better when they come back for a check up a year or two later. At Dental Holiday we always offer free aftercare for all our patients.

So, even after the dental treatment is completely finished, we still offer all our patients the full service they received on their first visit whenever they return – airport transfer and a check up free of charge as part of our after-care program – even helping to book local accommodation if needed.

The only paid option that our patients often choose to have when they return is a 45min dental hygiene session with our specialist hygienist, costing £67.

Patient case
Patient case

Here’s the case study of Ann, who returned to us recently for a check-up, and as you can see, still looked amazing!

She  told us that she “continually felt very confident and was smiling all the time”.

It makes us very happy to see that our patients are enjoying their life with new teeth years after the dental work had been done by Dr. Marek (Mark) at Dental Holiday.

Ann had dental treatment done with us back in April 2012, and we replaced her missing teeth with dental implants in the area of her molars as well as her crowning front teeth to achieve a more aesthetic result. In total 3 visits were needed to complete her dental treatment and once her treatment had been finished Ann was very happy.

Anne had seen a dentist last year in the UK for a check up in 2013 but in 2014 she made a little trip to our clinic in Piešťany, Slovakia again as many patients fall in love with Piešťany spa and return here for little holidays.

Regular dental check ups and dental hygiene appointments are mandatory once the dental treatment is finished to ensure that the new dental work lasts as long as possible.

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