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From an 80 year old to a 60 year old

franks teeth before treatment at smileclinic
Before & after

At 80 Years old, Frank traveled to Smile Clinic in Slovakia all the way from the United States for a complete smile reconstruction as his teeth were loose with age and in very bad condition.

Obviously, the costs of such dental treatment in the US would cost him almost his house & home, so he came over to us, and considered it one of the best decisions of his life. The patients in our reception told him that he had now:

knocked 20 years off his look, more like a 60-year-old than 80″ 🙂

Dr. Marek, our principal implantologist in the Piestany dental clinic, had prepared a personalized dental treatment plan for Frank consisting of 6 dental implants for the lower jaw and 6 for the upper jaw to support 14 new teeth (28 in total) for both the bottom and top teeth.

Frank’s teeth after treatment in Smile Clinic

After the implant placement, Frank traveled back home to the States with a temporary bridge, and came back to us in 3 months time for the final fitting of his new smile.

Here’s what Frank has to say about his time with us:

Frank’s handwritten review

After checking several places for dental implants I decided for your Smile Clinic. I am 100% satisfied. Your staff did a perfect job. Thank you to all persons of Smile Clinic.”