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Get rid of your denture like Alan did!

patient´s denture - photo taken BEFORE the treatment
Alan’s denture before treatment
14-point dental bridge fit to 6 dental implants on both jaws
Alan’s teeth after treatment

Mr. Alan with his new smileHaving a partial or full denture can affect a person´s life. Dentures need to be removed before sleep, become loose very often and are not very stable. Patients with dentures often have problems with speech or eating. Dental implants offer a safe and permanent solution for all these denture problems.

Dental implant treatment in Slovakia

Before his first visit at our dental clinic, patient Alan had partial dentures for the upper and lower jaw. He works in the UK at a post office and he deals with customers daily. 

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At the beginning of his first visit to Piešťany dental clinic, he had a consultation appointment with Dr Marek. The doctor suggested All on 6 dental implants treatment for him. In order to place the dental implants, bone graft on his upper jaw was needed. We made all necessary X rays and CT scans and started the treatment on the second day of his visit. The doctor took 2 of Alan’s remaining teeth out, did the bone graft and successfully put 6 dental implants in Alan’s upper jaw. The doctor put a healing abutment on each dental implant and temporary dental crowns were provided as well. 

X-ray before treatment
X-ray after treatment

On the third day of Alan’s visit, we continued the treatment with his lower jaw. After the extraction of 6 teeth, Dr Marek put 6 dental implants in his lower jaw. The surgery took 4 hours in the dental chair and stage 1 of the All on 6 procedure for both jaws was completed. After a quick after-surgery check up on the next day Alan flew back to the UK. 

The patient came back in 3 months. His dental implants were safely healed within his bone and we were able to take impressions. Thanks to the impressions our dental technicians made Alan’s final dental bridges. 

Our dental laboratory is right at our Piešťany clinic. Having a dental laboratory at the same building as the dental clinic allows doctors and dental technicians to work closely together to achieve perfect dental results for our patients.

On the third visit, we finished Alan’s dental treatment. We removed his temporary dental crowns and put 14 porcelain dental crowns on his upper jaw and 14 dental crowns on his lower jaw. 

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Article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka.