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“Great quality dental treatment”

As you can read in the written questionnaire above, Sue was delighted with her chosen dental treatment and gave us a big 10/10 on the scorecard

This is what she said after her dental treatment abroad had been completed:

“1. Great Dentist

2. Pain-free dental treatment and very easy

3. Just book your flights and the rest is taken care of”

1 thought on ““Great quality dental treatment””

  1. I’m 28 and about a year and a half ago I had 5 implants paceld. And yes they cost me about 2500 a piece. I have excellent teeth but I was born with a condition called hypodontia. Is basically means that I’m born with an incomplete set of teeth. I miss a total of 9 of my adult teeth and they gave me 5 implants to fill gaps. They actually had to pul three milk molars which had remained since there were no adult teeth underneath. Just wanted to say that is isn’t always due to bad teeth. Love them


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