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“Easy trip from the airport, hassle free dentistry”

Christine with her smile

Meet Christine from central London. She initially wanted only dental crowns done, however was unaware the if she didn’t replace the back missing teeth, there would be too much pressure on the new front teeth, and they wouldn’t last long. Therefore, Dr. Marek suggested that she replace her missing back upper teeth with dental implants, to enable her to chew across all her teeth again.

Final Dental Xray

This process took 3 visits, each with an overnight stay, and as you can see from the x-ray, it was 3 dental implants supporting 13 crowns. Each time she stayed in a local hotel that overlooks the river and is close to the famous Piešťany spa island.

  • Visit 1 was the in-depth consultation, then the dental implants were done.
  • Visit 2 was to have impressions taken of the healed dental implants and prepared her front teeth for her new ceramic crowns. The overall shade and look of the crowns was decided on this visit too, and Christine decided to go with a “natural” look.
  • Visit 3 was the final fitting visit, and Christine was so pleased with the final result. She even bought our team a nice bottle of wine to share!
Hand written patient testimonial
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Here’s what Christine has to say about her Dental Holiday experience with Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

Very friendly, cheaper than UK, good quality work. Easy trip from Airport, hassle free. I am very happy and will be returning for more crowns in the future.”

10 new zirconium dental crowns
10 new zirconium dental crowns