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“I left the clinic holding my head up high”

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Dental Implants

Look at the state of these Newtons – Top mint!

Perhaps only those of us from the North of England can really understand what someone from Manchester really means – however we can all appreciate what a great smile can do to someone.

Not just the physical appearance, but the confidence and comfort when out eating or laughing can do more than money can buy – even if “yer as tight as a gnats chuff” 🙂

Picture Before treatment
Picture Before treatment
Picture taken after treatment
Picture taken after treatment

From the X-rays photographs, you can see the workmanship and care that went into this major dental overhaul.

This is what Barbara has to say about her time at Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

For years I have had trouble with my teeth- back teeth when a child, large gaps as I got into later life. After researching for many months I came here in 2015. Today I leave here holding my head up with the perfect smile.

After having top and bottom implants for the first time in my life, I can look into the mirror and not feel ashamed. Everything here was done professionally, talked through everything, some discomfort but little pain. Healing went really well. I will be recommending this practice to all my friends. Thank you to everyone involved, you are all stars.”

Dental implants