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“I had great fun”

I rant and rave on about the holiday side of your operation on the basis that your dental work is self-evident (which is why friends want to know where I got it done). It’s the “going” to what they still consider a strange & far off land not on their normal holiday agenda that scares them (especially the English who don’t want to take chances with their holidays!). I tell them that I consider I had great fun, and an interesting and restful holiday in a brilliant wee country which for most of my life I was not able to visit and I evaluate in my mind that my holiday was all for free if one considers the savings on the dental work I had done. Friends then start to ask all about Piestany itself and the practicalities of living there for a week and how I got by with the language etc etc, they then realize I had a little adventure which was more memorable than “two weeks in Spain”!
Cheers, Hugh.”

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