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“I recommend this clinic to anyone who has problems with teeth”

Mr Frantisek (age 40) had no teeth in his upper jaw for several years. In February 2019 he decided it was time to solve this problem for once and for all. He made an appointment with us in early March. During this consultation appointment, we made an X-ray and CT scan. This helps our dental surgeon to see bone structure and prepare an accurate treatment plan for each patient.

Dr Martin from Smile Clinic Bratislava prepared two treatment plans for Frantisek. For his upper jaw, he suggested a full reconstruction – the All on 6 procedure. The second treatment plan was for his lower jaw. He was missing only 2 teeth here so 2 dental implants for his lower jaw would be needed.

Mr Frantisek decided to start with his upper jaw. All these major reconstructions are handled by our head surgeon Dr Marek in Smile Clinic Piešťany.

All on 6 dental implants treatment in Smile Clinic Slovakia

At the beginning of the treatment, Dr Mark did a sinus lift and put 6 dental implants into the patient’s upper jaw. Dr Michaela prepared a fixed temporary bridge for Frantisek to protect his implants during the healing period. In his case, the healing took 2,5 months.

When the healing was done Mr Frantisek came to Pieštany again. We took the impressions of his teeth and sent them to our specialized, on-site dental laboratory. Our experienced technicians make all dental crowns for our patients here.


We finished the whole treatment just a few days ago. As you can see, the All on 6 procedure helped Frantisek to smile proudly.

If you are struggling with some dental problems and your local dentist can not help you for any reason, we are here for you. Just contact Dental Holiday here and we will get back to you within 24 hours even during weekends!

All on 6 full ceramic bridge

This is the testimonial Frantisek left us after his final visit:

Thank you very much for the professional attitude of all doctors and nurses. I am very happy and I recommend this clinic to everyone who has problems with teeth. I wish all the best to the whole Smile Clinic team. Thank you for my new beautiful smile.

Original Handwritten Testimonial