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“I will definitely come back for more treatment”

Are you unhappy with the current shape or size of your front teeth? The solution might be as simple as it was in Craig’s case. Ceramic dental crowns can make a huge difference!

Craig’s teeth before treatment
Craig’s new smile done

How did it start?

40 year old Craig contacted us for the first time in September 2017 asking about treatment that could help improve his smile and his confidence. As he said in his first e-mail, he wasn’t sure about what procedure would be the best for him:

“I am not sure what I require. I have pretty straight teeth, however, I have fillings in virtually every tooth all done to crap I used to eat when younger.”

Our colleague Nika recommended dental crowns for him. It took Craig several months to make the decision about his dental treatment. In June 2018 he was ready for his Dental Holiday but it took some more time to find the best day to start his treatment. During the consultation in January 2019 at Bratislava dental clinic we made him an X-ray and a CT scan (both free of charge). Based on these the doctor suggested the treatment with full ceramic crowns for his front teeth.

Craig decided to have 11 crowns on his upper teeth and 12 crowns on his lower teeth. We started the treatment on the next day – Dr. Martin successfully reshaped Craig’s teeth – prepared them for new dental crowns. Then he took the impressions, everything pain-free. We sent the impressions of his newly shaped teeth to our specialized on-site dental laboratory. Having our own dental laboratory in the same building as the dental clinic is allowing dental technicians and dentists to work closely together to achieve highly professional results.

We provided provisional dental crowns to Craig for the time he was waiting for his final ceramic crowns. With these temporary teeth he could fly back to UK not worried that someone will notice that he is undergoing dental treatment at the moment.

Treatment done!

Now he has 23 E-max ceramic dental crowns, all in colour B1. As you can see in the picture, Craig is very happy now and looking forward to coming again to us.

Everything was very easy, everyone at the clinic was very friendly and very helpful. The treatment was very straightforward and the doctor & nurses helped me relax. I will definitely come back if I need other treatment and I will recommend to friends and family! Thank you!”

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Testimonial hand-written by Craig after his treatment:

The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka