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IADT Symposium in Oral Traumatology, Dubai 02/2011

The IADT Symposium in Oral Traumatology is being held for the first time in Dubai in association with AEEDC Dubai 2011 Conference and Exhibition.

The International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) is a professional organization whose mission is to promote optimal prevention and treatment service in the field of traumatic dental injuries through interaction with dental and medical colleagues, the public, and interested parties in education, sports, industry and appropriate governmental agencies.

IADT has several hundred members from all over the world, most of them specialists and general dentists, with a common interest in traumatology. The scientific journal Dental Traumatology is the official publication of IADT. For more information about IADT visit the web page

IADT has organized meetings and world congresses on dental traumatology in various places all over the world since more than 20 years ago. In February 2011 Dubai United Arab Emirates will be the host of a symposium on Oral trauma with invited international and local speakers.


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