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Smile Clinic offers an unsurpassed service within Slovakia by providing the best imagiology methods for a trustworthy diagnosis and quality dental treatment planning. Our Imagiology facilities have been installed and are monitored by experienced radiology technicians, who have at their disposal the latest imagiology methods, allowing us to raise the quality and speed of diagnosis and enabling treatment planning in an accurate and predictable way.

All our imagiology services, when paid for and not part of our all-inclusive dental treatment packages, are transferred onto your DVD, USB or Digital Storage Device for you to take home with you, or take to another dental practitioner.

snímok na Dental Holiday 2Dental exams available with our digital OPG scanning:

OPG – Digital Ortopantomography – Important in treatment planning and its control. Missing teeth evaluation, teeth eruption level, evaluation of dental germs developing in definitive teeth, tooth agenesis (missing teeth), bone fracture lines, third molars position (wisdom teeth).

Radiography – Important in the study of bone age and growth in children.

Radiography TMJ (open and closed mouth) – Study of temporomandibular joint (e.g., arthrosis or dislocation diagnosis).

Tele Radiography – Excellent for use by Orthodontic specialists. It is a diagnostic process that uncovers the relationship between the head and jaw bones and the upper and lower jaws. This exam is important in planning orthodontic treatment for the adjustment and realigning of poorly positioned teeth in the ideal position.

Frontal Radiography –  Exam also used in Orthodontics area when a differentiated diagnosis is needed and is not possible through another type of exam.

CT Scan – Cone Beam Computerized Tomography –

opg na Dental Holiday-001

This is a mandatory examination used in the field of expert Implantology. With the acquired information, it is possible to analyze the volumetric bone of patients and study the most suitable area for the placement of dental implants, as well as the bone density in the area of intervention. Because of its characteristics, Tomography is also used for other dental procedures beyond Implantology, such as the study of pathology dimensions, the relation between teeth/injury and vital structures or planning extractions of impacted teeth.

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