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“They’re incredibly informative, skilled, organized and inexpensive compared to the UK”

happy patient

Kaine travelled to Dental Holiday, Slovakia from London in South England because his teeth were showing wear, with some slight discoloration, and he simply wanted nice white straight teeth.

before treatment
Before we started

Dr.Marek prepared plan for him for 12 crowns for the upper jaw, 2 implants and 13 crowns for the bottom jaw.

Because of the 2 dental implants and the healing time involved, Kaine traveled to Slovakia in total for 3 short visits to complete his new smile, which he was so pleased with.

completed treatment
The final result

Once again, this goes to prove that people of all ages from all walks of life, can benefit immediately from a new smile and from having their dental treatment done abroad with us at Smile Clinic in Slovakia.
The result for younger people is increased confidence, career opportunities, quality of relationships and overall standard of life experience. It’s certainly worth those extra miles!

Kaine kindly rated us 10/10 and had this to say about our dental clinic:

Hand written testimonial

Incredibly informative, skilled, organized, inexpensive compared to the UK.”