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Internationally Accredited

You are visiting a dental clinic in Slovakia that meets internationally accreditation standards as set by the GCR – Global Clinic Rating.

Being an internationally accredited dental clinic is unique in Slovakia and many of the surrounding countries like Hungary or Poland, with less than 200+ dental clinics worldwide that have chosen to adhere to these strict standards.

We are currently placed among the top 10% of dental clinics worldwide in terms of our efforts to provide the highest levels of expertise, facilities, services and treatment outcome data available to our patients from abroad.

International Dental Expertise Available At Smile Clinic Slovakia

Judging the expertise & experience available in any dental practice abroad has proven to be one of the hardest tasks for UK patients when considering a dental office like ours to visit for their dental treatment abroad.

Here are some of the factors that can give you an idea of the level of dental expertise available at Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

  • The level and number of certifications, accreditation, awards that Smile Clinic Slovakia has gained
  • The number of years of postgraduate practical experience of each of our doctors
  • The number of languages spoken fluently by our dental and administration team
  • The level and number of degrees, certifications, accreditation, awards achieved for each of our doctors
  • The number of full-time medical specialists available in our clinic.
  • The guarantee we give behind the medical treatments that our specialists perform.
  • The clinical outcome or success rates of the treatments carried out at our clinic.

International Dental Facilities Available At Smile Clinic Slovakia

Modern, advanced technology & facilities are something that most of our patients from the UK are looking for in a quality dental clinic abroad, obviously for more precise and painless treatment, – but just how do you find out how “modern” or “advanced” the actual technology and facilities in any particular clinic are?

Here are some of the factors that can give you an idea of the level of medical & non-medical facilities available at Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

  • The location of the dental laboratory that we use
  • The quality of the diagnostic devices that we use
  • The special medical facilities & technology available
  • The number and quality of the non-medical facilities available (parking, disabled access, wifi etc)

International Dental Services Available At Smile Clinic in Slovakia

Top extra or added services in a clinic make the whole treatment experience much more pleasant for the UK patient opting to have their dental treatment done abroad instead of with a local dentist.

Here are some of the factors that can give you an idea of the level of dental services provided by Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

  • Availability of a qualified patient manager/coordinator in addition to the doctor, nurse and chairside technicians.
  • Transparency of the clinic’s policy, pricing and documentation
  • Support regarding travelling to and from the clinic
  • International & VIP patient services
  • Accessible opening hours (we’re open on most public holidays)
  • Up to date website, online navigation and map results as well as our active Social Media accounts and feedback channels.

Dental Treatment Outcomes & Results of Smile Clinic Slovakia

With multiple websites available online to visit and read reviews from former patients who have visited dental clinics like ours in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania or Turkey, it is still often hard to come up with an overall impression, as reviews are often very subjective and not solid enough for patients to based a medical decision on.

Therefore in addition to our handwritten reviews and online reviews on GCR, Google & Facebook, we use Patient Reported Outcome Collection (PROMs) as our objective assessments of increased or decreased quality-of-life after having dental treatment in our clinic.

Examples Of Standards We strive To Keep For You:

Here are some additional examples of the exact international standards set by the GCR that Smile Clinic Bratislava & Smile Clinic Piešťany excels in:

Standard 1.1.2

Our clinic has on location state-of-the-art digital 3D CB CT Scans & full mouth OPG images using the minimum possible radiation dosages are used for accurate & precise diagnostics and treatment with all patients.

We also use microscopes & loupes to magnify the treatment areas to minimize the chance of treatment errors.

Standard 1.1.5.

All staff receive basic yearly training to cover emergency procedures such as basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS)

We also have an automated external defibrillator (AED) at both our clinics.

Standard 1.1.10.

For your safety, speed of treatment & comfort, the ratio of our doctor to supporting team members (nurses / admin / chairside technicians ) is always 1:2, in surgical cases 1:3

Standard 2.2.3.

Our clinics have designated labelled areas for the collection and safe storage & removal of medical waste.

Standard 2.2.6.

The clinics are fully accessible to disabled & handicapped patients including the restroom areas.

We have also developed and implemented into our dental clinic aids to reduce the risk of any unnecessary patient harm resulting from falls, including non-slip, anti-static floor coverings and handrails where needed.

Standard 2.2.8.

Smile Clinic Piešťany is equipped with a private aftercare / observation room available for our patients post-treatment. This is also served by hot & cold drinks & food if necessary and is under constant surveillance.

Standard 2.2.10.

Our clinic has on location it’s own extensive dental laboratory managed by experienced dental technicians to allow a swift turnaround time, adjustments to made immediately, and personalized smiles to be created.

Standard 2.2.11.

In case of emergency assistance needed, we have emergency access and pick-up areas adjacent to the clinics.

Standard 2.2.12.

Full cleaning and sterilisation of all our dental instruments are performed in specialized sterilisation rooms using the latest sterilization autoclave technology and sealed bags for storage with separate clean air management.

Standard 3.3.1.

The clinics have adequate visible signage of all areas.

Standard 3.3.2.

The clinic accommodates for the needs of dental patients from different cultures and languages; including providing information in several languages and providing accessible translation where possible.

Standard 3.3.5.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are provided in all patient corridors to minimize any risk of infection.

Standard 3.3.3.

The patient lounges have free drinking water, and coffee, tea or cold drinks available on request.

Standard 3.3.6.

We have separate, soundproofed, comfy consultation rooms in both clinics for patients who wish to sit down over a cup of tea or coffee to discuss private or sensitive issues with our patient managers.

Standard 3.3.7.

All our patients are encouraged to provide feedback using handwritten forms, and if possible submitting a review of our clinic on our GCR Profile, our Facebook Page or on Google Maps.

Through the patient outcomes & feedback mechanisms checked by the GCR, we keep an eye on the level of communication, behaviour and care provided by each team member in our clinics in the eyes of the patients themselves.

Standard 3.3.8.

The clinic provides a transfer service for patients from Bratislava & Vienna airports, as well as the main train, bus and Danube boat terminals.

Standard 4.4.2.

We have developed an SMS notification system for collecting, storing and reporting our patient outcome data collection over time, which is then submitted to the GCR in real-time.

Standard 4.4.3.

We carry out regular benchmarking and checks on meeting our commitment to excellence.

Standard 5.2.4.

In addition to our licences, list of fees, awards & accreditations, our patients’ rights & responsibilities are clearly displayed in both clinics.

Standard 5.2.6.

Apart from in emergency cases, a clear “consent of treatment” form is
given and signed before any treatment begins, including a precise breakdown of any costs that will be incurred.

Standard 5.2.7.

Complete and detailed, patient records are maintained and kept digitally and on paper in our clinic in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA. This patient health record is the property of the patient it relates to and is available for their personal viewing or a copy of it to be made should the patient or a legal guardian request it.

Standard 7.4.2.

All our premises for the safety of our team & patients is under 24/7 video surveillance in accordance with local privacy laws.

A final note on the above standards we try to keep

While all the above elements apply to both our local, UK, Ex-Pat and international dental patients alike, everyone’s dental experience is unique and thus poses special challenges for us to maintain high ethical standards of care.

The art of providing dental excellence does not simply include the best facilities, years of experience and great services, but kindness & respect too.

So here are some of our own standards:

Autonomy: Respecting a patient’s right to make his/her own decisions, in the own time with all the options available before them.
Do good: Creating a consistently trusted, safe and supportive environment for all our patients.
Do no harm: Working to minimise any pain and suffering of any patients under our care.
Justice: Treating patients fairly, whatever gender, race or ethnic background.

We trust that you’ll choose our dental clinic for your treatment abroad in good faith that we’ll do our best to do our best with you and for your life, and anyone you may recommend our way in the years to come.