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Introduction to dentistry abroad

We wrote this article to help you be less apprehensive about the idea of going overseas for dental care. And we hope in doing so we help you to decide to choose the right dental tour operator to help you regain your smile and confidence.

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Dentistry abroad – choosing the right country

Overseas dentistry provides a cheap and effective alternative to expensive UK dental treatments.
Going overseas for dental treatments such as implants, crowns and some cosmetic services is a simple process and can provide up to 70% savings on UK prices. Many European countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia offer overseas dentistry, however, we decided to set up our clinic on the exact corner of Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – where these countries meet together at the border. This was principally because of the nearness of the 2 main airports – Bratislava and Vienna.

Dentistry abroad – why should you contact the clinic directly instead of using an agency?

By using a dental tour agency you are using a “middleman”. While it may be comforting to have someone local to contact, they are not liable if anything doesn’t go as you please, nor can communicate the exact situation concerning your treatment or the clinic without contacting the clinic that they work with first on behalf of you. They are paid on commission, typically 10-25% of the treatment fee that you will pay, so that will artificially increase your treatment price in most cases.

Dental Holiday is NOT an agency, we have never worked with any agents either. By reaching out to us, you are always communicating with the clinic directly.

Dentistry abroad – available services

Overseas dentistry is best suited for certain dental needs. Principally these are dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneers and technical oral surgery. Orthodontistry such as Invisalign or braces isn’t generally offered because of the number of visits this would involve. Dental Holiday focuses on full mouth restorations using dental implants, crowns & bridgework. We are able to perform most procedures in just one sitting, and have our own lab within the clinic, so that the overall waiting time is reduced and the result – as perfect as it can be.

Costs of dentistry abroad

Dental implants cost £597 (inclusive of abutment), with crowns costing £297 per tooth. Treatments are usually spread over typically 2 visits, with 3 months between them allowed for healing between visits. Prices have recently been impacted by the falling pound but savings of over 50% on all treatments are still standard. With Dental Holiday there is no pre-payment. You pay a 70% deposit on your first visit after you’ve had a consultation with the dental implantologist and are satisfied with the final treatment plan. The remainder of the cost is paid on your next visit.

Process of dentistry abroad

It is an easy process to take a Dental Holiday – which begins with a free consultation and X-ray. Then a treatment plan is prepared, with a detailed schedule and cost information provided. From there treatment can begin, which usually involves two or three trips to our dental clinic. All dental implants that are done in our clinic come with a lifetime guarantee.

Whichever country or clinic you choose for your dental holiday we wish you well.

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