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Life changing dental treatment

Denis, from Essex in the UK, recently had dental treatment abroad and opted for a full-mouth reconstruction. He was very grateful to his son for paying for his life-changing dental treatment. Denis simply wanted to get dental treatment because he felt that “people treat you differently with nice teeth.”

hand written patient testimonial from Denis
Life changing dental treatment at Dental Holiday testimonial

Read Denis’ handwritten review here :

I would say it is the only place to go for treatment. It is amazing, I felt no pain at all. Every member of staff treated me very well. The treatment and care was second to none and I will be forever grateful. It is life changing dental treatment.”

Life Changing Dental Treatment

When you have a nice smile, people treat you differently because you feel good about yourself and that comes through on your face. A good smile is certainly life changing! At Dental Holiday we are in the business of changing your life through a healthy, good-looking smile. We have treated over 2000 patients since 2006 with a 97% satisfaction rating, and at 50-70% less than UK prices! It is no wonder Denis was so pleased and felt his new smile was a life changing dental treatment.

We make your stay even more comfortable by arranging accommodations at the spa town of Piešťany, only about 40 minutes northwest of the Bratislava airport. Our driver, Dano will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the clinic for a free consultation and then take you to your accommodation that has been set by our treatment manager, Natalia. We want to make your treatment painless and your stay in our dental clinics, spa town comfortable and painless as well. There are many places in Piešťany to enjoy walks through the parks, get a massage from one of the many trained professionals, and all very close to the clinic for easy access.

Why wait for life changing dental treatment? Call us and book your appointment today or get a quote. Then, just like Denis, you can have life changing dental treatment.

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