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Low Cost Dental Implants

You’ve probably seen adverts for low cost dental implants ranging from £500-£2000 and our prices are just under £1000 per complete dental implant.

Why is there such a big difference’ you may be asking?

While we cannot explain how other dental practices arrive at their dental implant prices, I can suggest that you ask them all the following questions before you proceed to have dental implant treatment with them:

Is that price for my implant fully restored with the crown on it?

Yes, that’s the all-inclusive price of implant, abutment, crown, all x-rays needed, the consultation, healing screws and a temporary crown / bridge during the healing period.

How many implants has my dentist (Dr. Mark) placed before mine?

Dr. Mark has provided over 1,000 each year for the past 7 years.

Is there a guarantee on your work?

Yes, all our implants are guaranteed for life.

Is the implant itself made by a recognized and experienced manufacturer?

Our dental implants are from the world’s strongest brands, Ankylos, Nobel Biocare & Straumann.

Are there any hidden costs, such as X-rays and consultations?

No. None whatsoever.

What is the quality of your customer service?

The patients speak better for themselves, have a look at our handwritten dental treatment reviews.

What is the quality of the physical environment in which the service is delivered?

We are a platinum rated, fully accredited, British dental clinic abroad.

What is your protocol on after-sales care?

We run 24 hour email support with telephone support during the day, and offer lifetime free check-ups to all our dental implant patients.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Simply call or send an email. We’ll then discuss next steps with you, and in the very unlikely case that your dental implants should fair, we replace it free of charge.

Will I see the same dentist every time?

Certainly. Dr. Mark is our head implantologist who will be treating you.

Is there a waiting list?

No, not usually. But please take a look at our list of unavailable dates.

Any other dental implant questions?

We are quite happy at Dental Holiday to answer all of these questions very openly as we know that our answers will build your confidence and security in having your dental treatment abroad with us.

Make a no obligation dental implant treatment request for your low cost dental implants with us today.

2 thoughts on “Low Cost Dental Implants”

    • Dear Leo,
      Yes, all the implants can be placed at one time, however because your jawbone needs to heal around and through the dental implants, you’ll need to return 2-3 months later for crown impression and the final fitting of crowns on the implants, as they’re not strong enough at the beginning to hold anything permanent. That’s why temporary crowns for cosmetic reasons are provided free of charge during the healing period. This ensures that no-one will notice, and give you the feel of having teeth back in that position again.
      The cost for 4 dental implants,abutments and crowns is currently £3564 – there are no hidden or extra costs.
      I hope that helps…

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