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Missing just one tooth?

As a Brit myself I too am often ashamed to say that I wouldn’t trust the majority of UK dental clinics. The UK dental page of says that the average dental clinic quality score in the UK is just 1.8 out of 5 – and if that’s true, I can understand why 1000’s of people from the UK contact us each month to discuss the option of having their dental treatment done abroad, not just to save costs, but also to receive more quality care.

As an internationally accredited rated 4.2 dental clinic, many of our patients share the same opinion and come over to Smile Clinic in Slovakia even just to replace 2 teeth with dental implants, like Sean here, who came to us from the UK to sort out just a couple of teeth.

Not a full smile makeover, however as you can see from the photograph. living without a front tooth can pose a problem – a problem that can be solved permanently with dental implants.

Sean rated his visit 9/10 and would recommend dental holiday to his friends and family.