Missing teeth are not just aesthetic problem

Are you seeking an outright, long-lasting and reliable solution for your missing teeth? The answer is here! With the All on 4 – 6 procedure we can achieve brilliant results within just 4 months! Dental implants with fixed full-ceramic dental bridge can be the treatment that will change your life.

Incomplete set of teeth may lead to more serious health complications

Missing teeth are not only lack of aesthetics. Your mouth and teeth are parts of digestive tract. Teeth are used for mechanical processing of food. Uncomplete set of teeth is not serving this purpose well and may lead to problematic digestion.

Our patient Joseph has decided to get full mouth reconstruction. He lost all of his natural teeth and his life without them was unbearable for him anymore. He was a perfect candidate for All on 6 procedure – treatment when we fit 6 dental implants to upper jaw and 6 dental implants to patient´s lower jaw.

Dental implants done in Slovakia

Whole treatment in Josephs case took 5 months. The treatment in Smile Clinic Slovakia always starts with initial consultation with the dental surgeon. You will learn all important and necessary information about your treatment as number of visits, course of the treatment and also final costs of your treatment.

Temporary healing crowns play an important role in treatment with dental implants. This provisional denture is made immediately after first part of the treatment – right after implantation – and it´s made directly in the dental clinic. You can check how the temporary bridge looks on the middle photo:

Picture on the left shows the condition of patient´s teeth before the treatment
Middle picture shows temporaty healing bridge
Picture on the right shows final full-ceramic dental bridges fixed on dental implants

Two more visits in 3 – 4 months after surgery are required in order to complete the All on 4 – 6 treatment. If you are interested in this or other dental treatment do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

OPG X ray before and after the treatment

This article was medically reviewed and approved by Dr.Marek Salka on the 27th March 2019

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