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5 mistakes people make when looking for “dental treatment abroad”

which dental clinic abroad
which dental clinic abroad

Have you got tired yet of reading those 100’s of different clinic websites about having your dental treatment abroad?

With so many dental clinics in central Europe treating patients from the UK, it’s hard to know who to trust. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about people getting ripped off at bad dental clinic abroad. They make me and my entire industry look bad.

So today I want to give you the 5 mistakes people make when looking for dental treatment abroad and the scams that you should avoid. (And by the way, there are many other great dental clinics abroad besides Dental Holiday, so you can use these tips to evaluate them all.)

I’ve personally met 1,000’s of dental patients from the UK here in our dental clinic – so I’ve heard some stories – I can tell you there are some hideously bad ones…and some very, very good ones. Here’s how to tell the difference.

5 mistakes people make when looking for dental treatment abroad

What you need to do is…

1. Look for a dental practice that displays their results. The website must share SPECIFIC patient cases that you compare with. This is the #1 failing of the worst dental clinics that I’ve come across. They’ll talk about “excellent dentists”…and “top technology”…and “saving £££’s” — all of which are important! — BUT THEY NEVER SHARE ANY CASE STUDIES! If you don’t find before and after photos, handwritten testimonials or patient videos, move on.

Which brings me to my next point…

2. You should be able to see how the good the dental clinic is from the website. I once looked at a dental clinic that had INCREDIBLE marketing. It seemed like that clinic was our largest competitor. I was sorely disappointed when I realized their marketing was far better than the website. All it was was just sales talk and copied descriptions of dental treatments. No real people, no real stories, no real explanations.

3. The dental clinic should be “proven” – preferably with third-party testimonials. Look closely in their website. Look for testimonials from real people who talk about their results. Are they real people? Are they believable?

For example, have a look here at our recent patient reviews:

UK dental patient reviews abroad

What does “all on 4” mean? Did it help him get the smile he wanted? How much did it cost? How long did it take? What did he have to do? Look, any dentist can get a patient to say vague statements like “It was fine.” What you want is details, proven by real patients.

(By the way, if the clinic is new, the dentist should either (1) show you his own results or (2) offer you a discount or other promotion for being his guinea pig. We’ve done this ourselves in the early days of our dental clinic in 2006-2007 with our  first patients from the UK so that we could collect testimonials)

4. The dental clinic should have a solid, replace or repair guarantee. Let the dentist back it up with his own money. Here’s why this works: The dentist is asking you to put your faith in him and choose his clinic abroad over a local dentist. But with so many options out there – and, frankly, so many dodgy dental clinics – you need a way to see if the dentist really lives up to his promises. Luckily, money-back guarantees are getting increasingly common with having dental treatment abroad, which is forcing dentists to improve their dental work. If a large amount of people think the dental work done aboard sucks and they return it, the dentist goes out of business. This is why dental clinics (including ours) now offer complete guarantees. For us, we know that  our dental implants are good enough that we’ll offer a lifetime guarantee.

5. The dental clinic should focus SPECIFICALLY on you. Here’s a hint: If you and your 20-year-old grand-daughter would seemingly benefit equally from having dental treatment abroad…it’s NOT for you. Notice with Dental Holiday –  we focus primarily on dental implants and tooth crowns / bridges  (which makes a huge difference in the lives of people over 30s)… We target a very specific group of people, and we actively exclude people who are not right for our type of dental treatment such as tooth braces, tooth whitening, white fillings, root canal treatment and porcelain veneers. (we do have these types of treatments but only in addition to dental implants and crowns / bridges primarily). Sure, it costs us money…but we’d rather concentrate on the people who we can REALLY make a difference and save money for , instead of trying to be every type of dentist to everyone.

Use these tips to check any dental clinic, that you’re planning to visit for your dental treatment abroad.

If you’re interested in coming to Dental Holiday, then contact us. Fully guaranteed, no hidden costs, fairly priced dental clinic abroad.

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