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“I am delighted with Dental Holiday”

Hand written Dental Treatment Review
Hand written Dental Treatment Review
Hand written Dental Treatment Review

Alan visited Dental Holiday in Slovakia to fix his his upper bridge recently.

We placed 2 dental implants for him together with a 3 unit special implant bridge. And for the dental implant healing period, a temporary bridge was provided free of charge.

Here’s his 10/10 hand-written dental review :

They are very professional, will take very good care of you and most importantly do a great job on your teeth! I had a bridge of 3 teeth on 2 implants and I am delighted. Much cheaper than in the UK. Enjoy your dental holiday.”

Alan’s testimony is the best indication of why Dental Holiday has been UK residents’ favorite dental clinic abroad since 2006. Dr. Marek has performed 1,000’s of dental implants and other procedures. Find out why getting your dental treatment abroad is much cheaper than in the UK by contacting us today.

2 thoughts on ““I am delighted with Dental Holiday””

  1. I am not sure how many implants I would need and can afford or what can be done. I have upper and lower dentures. I only 3 0f my own teeth which are loose and need extracting and the rough cost if that is possible. Thank you, Ray O’Donoghue


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