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“I thought I would never be able to have a nice smile back”


Not every patient that comes to us from the UK needs a full smile makeover. For example, this lovely young lady seriously damaged her lip which resulted in the loss of a front tooth. Her local dentist in the UK made a “false tooth” to fill the gap cosmetically, however this of course was uncomfortable, did not allow her to eat with her front tooth, and she was ashamed to take it out from time to time in front of other people.

After treatment

Tammy wanted to smile confidently without worrying about the denture. After contacting us at the beginning of the year, she finally decided to have her treatment completed in November, which involved 2 dental implants for the front 2 teeth.

For her last visit to us she traveled with her mum and you can see from the photographs here that the final result is fantastic.


My name is Tammy and I had mainly implants done. I thought I would never be able to have a nice smile back, but I am so happy Smile Clinic did a great job 🙂  I am happy with my whiter smile and would recommend people to have their treatments done here at Smile Clinic :)”