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You can have a new set of teeth in just 4 months

Mackie is happy with her new beautiful teeth
Mackie is now happy with her new and beautiful smile
Mackie with her new smile

If you are embarrassed about having no teeth, we are here to help!

Mrs. Mackie told us that she has so many teeth missing that she felt like she had no teeth in the mouth at all. She wanted to replace all of her remaining teeth with dental implants and dental crowns. As this treatment is very costly in the UK she sent us an e-mail in early March this year to get more information about Dental Holiday – dentistry abroad.

Several e-mails later, Mackie booked her flight to us. She came to our dental clinic on 18th June to have a consultation with our head implantologist Dr. Mark. He made her a treatment plan containing 13 extractions (all her remaining teeth), 12 dental implants and 28 dental crowns. The consultation and all necessary X-rays and CT scans are always free of charge for patients from the UK.

Dental implants in Slovakia

Top X-ray shows Mackie’s teeth BEFORE we started the treatment. Middle X-ray was taken after the implantation. Bottom X-ray shows patient’s current situation

If the patient agrees to the treatment plan we can usually start with the treatment on the same day as the consultation. Dr Mark decided to start with Mackie’s upper jaw. He pulled all 9 teeth out and immediately put 6 dental implants into her jaw. After successful dental surgery our dentist Michaela took care of Mackie and made her provisional dental crowns so Mackie was able to speak and eat without bigger problems.

Macie´s teeth BEFORE we started the treatment with dental implants and dental crowns
Mackie’s teeth before treatment

We continued with the treatment two days later. Dr. Mark pulled 4 remaining teeth from her lower jaw and put 6 dental implants into the patient’s jaw. Dr. Michaela made temporary dental crowns for Mackie’s lower jaw too. These provisional crowns (temporary dentures) are provided to all patients and they are free of charge.

mackie after the surgery with temporary dental crowns
Mackie with provisional crowns

The dental implants need to heal for 3-4 months so Mackie went back to the UK. She didn’t have any major problems with her implants and healing went smoothly. She booked her second flight to us for September 2018. Dr. Michaela took the impressions of both her jaws so our dental technicians would be able to prepare Mackie’s final dental crowns in the colour and shape that Mackie wanted.

For the final visit Mackie’s grown-up daughter Anna came with her to support her mother and to have a vacation in Slovakia. On the last appointment, we need to see the patient only for a few hours so mother and daughter had a chance to spend nice days together in the lovely spa city Piešťany, where our dental clinic is located.

This is patient´s hand-written testimonial she left us after we finished the treatment
Mackie’s hand-written testimonial

Now Mackie has 6 dental implants supporting a fixed 14-point bridge in both her jaws. All 28 crowns are in colour B1. When she was leaving the dental clinic Mackie left us 10 points! Here is her testimonial:

You can have new teeth too!

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If you have similar problems as Mackie had before she came to us please feel free to contact us via this CONTACT FORM and tell us about your dental situation. We will send you an e-mail with more information about your desired treatment within 24 hours.

The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka.