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“I can’t stop looking in the mirror”


Hi Natalia, arrived back safely. Just wanted to thank you all once again for the fantastic job you have done for me. I am absolutely thrilled with my new teeth, it is exactly what I was hoping for and more. I am so glad I did some research to find you guys. Special thanks to Dr. Marek for his exceptional skill and expertise and yourself for putting up with my endless questions and generally being lovely. The only problem being I can’t stop looking in the mirror now at my gnashers. When I get some time I will fill out the Internet review sheet. Thank you once again.”

nick dh
x-ray showing Nick’s before and after surgery

We’re so glad Nick loves his new teeth and felt we did a fantastic job. Having your cosmetic dentistry abroad is easy, and at a 50-70% less in cost than in the UK. Whether it is one, two or a full-mouth implantation or perhaps veneers, our expert dentist Dr. Marek (Mark) and his dental support team can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about.   Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday is located in the spa town, Piešťany and the clinic is just a short walk from parks, restaurants and spa island where you can relax with a massage or have one of the several spa treatments with mud, or thermal water baths. What a wonderful way to have your dental treatment abroad by taking a dental holiday and getting a smile you can’t take your eyes off of. Contact us for a free quote today.    

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