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NHS Private or Holiday Dentistry

nhs dental treatment abroad
nhs, private or dentistry abroad

UK dental patients now have 3 types of dentist that they can visit:

  • NHS dentistry
  • Private dentistry
  • Dentistry Abroad

In a recent survey that the Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday team carried out among potential UK patients in our database, the current UK public perception of NHS Private or Holiday Dentisty seems to be:

NHS dentistry

If I can get it, I’ll have to wait a long time, make many multiple visits, and because they don’t offer cosmetic or implant dentistry – I can’t make my smile any better. I’ll have seemingly healthy teeth extracted and end up with false teeth like my gran.”

Private Dentistry

A more expensive version of the same old NHS, I’ll get it done quicker and they do offer cosmetic or implant dentistry, but the dentist doesn’t focus on me, rather on his / her wallet.”

Dentistry Abroad

50-70% cheaper than UK private dentistry, but I’ll have to take the time to travel, the standards may be less that what I would get in the UK, the dentist might not understand what I want and I’ll have to take the risk if it goes wrong.”

Personally, I feel that the perception of dentistry is very wrong, as I personally know and have worked with dentists and teams from each of these sectors.

Dental fees, clinics, and the dentists themselves can vary widely, and just because a private dentist’s price is high doesn’t necessarily mean you are being ripped off, you might well be getting very high quality dental work.

A wise NHS dentist may still be providing high quality dental care, but under the time and financial constrains that they can spend with each patient, and the amount of work they are allowed to charge for.

So what do you choose?

As the representative of what I believe to be the UK’s “best choice” dentistry,  I offer a real alternative:

  • The best private dentistry at NHS prices, where full cosmetic and implant dentistry is offered by technicians and dentists that focus on you, not quotas, deadlines and targets.
  • A UK accredited dental clinic abroad, so you can be sure of the standard.
  • Actually run on site by staff from the UK, so you can be sure that you’re understood in plain English.
  • Immediate appointments available for dental work that’s fully guaranteed, should it not be the way you expected.
  • All the dental work done in just one visit, with travel costs and time similar to driving into London, parking for the day, and driving all the way back.
  • A dental clinic that really does feel like your going on a little holiday to relax, a welcome change of scenery, food and time doing something for yourself and your teeth that you’ve put off for years…

That’s Dental Holiday, I look forward to meeting you one day soon here in the UK’s most trusted Dental Clinic Abroad.

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