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“Nothing to fear about going to a dentist abroad”

See the before & after photos of Catherine, who came to Dental Holiday for five implants and crowns, 3 sinus lifts, and 21 zirconium crowns for a full, beautiful smile. This dental treatment is a full reconstruction and you can see the fabulous results.

catherine dental case full smile
after & before dental treatment

10/10 Everything from the first e-mail to meeting all the staff and having the treatment done has been so professional and friendly, definitely nothing to fear about going to a dentist abroad ever again.” Catherine

Cathrines dental treatment feedback
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Catherine is one of our typical UK patients that come to have their dental treatment abroad to get the smile they are looking for without paying UK prices. Dental treatment abroad is a terrific alternative for many UK residents because the plane fares are low with (leaving daily from many UK airports), accommodations reasonable and the professional service is of the highest quality. We take care of picking you up at either the Bratislava or Vienna airports and returning after treatment for free!

Catherine's before & after X-ray's
Catherine’s before & after X-ray’s

After booking your travel, just contact us and we will arrange all your accommodations either at our self-catering apartments or one of the many hotels or pensions within walking distance of the dental clinic. We provide a cell phone for your use while in Piestany so you can contact us with any questions regarding your medical treatment.

If that isn’t enough, our dental clinic is located in the quaint town of Piestany, Slovakia. Piestany is a spa city with thermal waters, mud baths, hundreds of masseuses, facial and nail technicians at a fraction the cost you’d pay in the UK.

Now there is nothing to fear about going to a dental abroad!

4 thoughts on ““Nothing to fear about going to a dentist abroad””

    • Dear Vanessa,
      3 dental implants + abutments + crowns would be 3 x £891 = £2673. There are no hidden or extra costs involved, and the implant is done by our master implantologist, Dr. Marek. The dental implants have a lifetime guarantee.
      Does that help?

    • Dear Samantha,
      The cost would be £2376 and you’d need one visit of 5 working days or 2 one day visits with a week or two between them to complete the treatment.
      Does that help?

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