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No fear of dentist here


Take a look at the dramatic turnaround of Kevin, a policeman from London. Kevin made an inquiry to Smile Clinic in Slovakia at the end of July for tooth veneers. He was looking to dramatically improve his smile through work on his front teeth.

He flew out to us in September for just one visit of 5 working days, and the smile clinic labs completed this B1 smile design (a natural, brighter, more symmetrical look) for him in just the one visit.

The smile photographs here speak for themselves, however be sure to read Kevin’s own words about his dental holiday experience with Smile Clinic Slovakia:

kevin-korunkyMy teeth had become yellow with age and years of drinking too many sugary drinks. They were also not as straight as I would have liked. I had looked into veneers in the UK but found it way too expensive.


Sometime later I was searching the internet for other solutions to improve my smile when I came across Dental Holiday. Their email response was quick and informative giving me a clear quote. They explained everything about having dentistry abroad.

Within a month I was flying out to have 8 veneers / crowns on my top teeth. I was met at the airport and driven to my hotel which was great.

Treatment started next day with the X-rays and a chat with Dr. Marek – I was very impressed. The treatment was painless and quick and the result amazing.

I have white straight teeth like I always wanted. I already recommended to a friend. The staff were amazing and very friendly putting me at ease. No fear of dentist here. Thanks to all.”