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Oral Dentistry Terminology


The word “oral” in dentistry terms is the generic term for things related to the mouth; teeth, tongue, inside mouth bone structure, and bite. It is recommended you have your teeth cleaned twice a year.  During the dental hygienic cleaning there will also be an examination of your tongue and surrounding area.  X-rays will also be taken to check for cavities and other normalities in your mouth. Even with good dental hygiene you can develop cavities.

Many people wait to visit the dentist until it is too late and their teeth will need to be extracted. If that is the case, you may want to search for a dentist abroad to provide implants rather than get dentures.  Going to a dentist abroad is an inexpensive way to have the smile you want without the hassle and cost of visiting a UK dentist. Give Dental Holiday a call for a chat or email for a free quote.

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