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Pain Free Dental Experience

hand written dental treatment reviews
Handwritten dental treatment reviews

Mark from Hertfordshire, UK chose to have his extensive dental treatment abroad at Dental Holiday to save money and enjoy a holiday at the spa city, Piestany where Dental Holiday is located.

Mark had one small bone graft, 6 dental implants and a new 12 unit non-re-moveable implant bridge fitted on his dental implants. The dental work took only three short visits.

Mark rated Dental Holiday a 10 out of 10 in his testimonial below:

After having six implants and suffering no pain, I have no hesitation in recommending dental holiday.  The staff is professional and friendly. The accommodations and transport from the airport are taken care of.”

Why wait to have pain free dentistry abroad. In 2 to three months you can be smiling freely and enjoying the holidays with your new Dental Holiday smile.  Our English speakingstaffwill take care of the accommodations. Our driver, Dano, will provide free transportation to and from either the Bratislava or Vienna airports. All you need to do is sit back and relax in the beautiful spa city of Piestany.  And, remember in addition to pain free destistry abroad, at Dental Holiday your low cost treatment is pain free too! Our prices are consistently 20 percent below the United Kingdom.

Many other patients have also commented about Dental Holiday’s pain free dentistry abroad.  Watch Mark’s review.

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