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A Patient’s Story about their dental treatment abroad

perfect dentistry abroad for couples
perfect dentistry abroad for couples

Phyl and Brendan came to our dental clinic to have their dental treatment done abroad. They are British nationals and during their visits to Piestany, they fell in love with this UK dental clinic abroad and it’s staff in general. When asked, about their decision to come to Piestany dental clinic, they were so thrilled to share their story with us.

Upon visiting her regular dentist in England, Phyl learned that her teeth had decayed considerably and she was in danger of losing some of them. Initially, her dentist suggested that she could get teeth implants along with crown bridges, thus having a great smile and saving some of her teeth. Knowing what her choice was, she asked her dentist to give her a rough quote of the cost of having such treatment in their UK dental clinic and to her surprise, was told that it would not be less than £10 000.

After discussing it with her husband, they both knew off the back that, even though it was very important, it would have to wait, as it was far too expensive. It was by chance that they were having a conversation with a friend, and having shared their dental troubles, when they were referred to a lady who recently had dental treatment abroad in Slovakia. “Of course we were skeptical about travelling abroad for dental treatment!” she exclaimed. “We wanted to find out more details as we were worried about journeying into the unknown!” Stated her husband Brendan.

Therefore, after contacting the lady to whom they were recommended, they were both more confident and open to the idea of travelling abroad to get dental treatment in Slovakia. They were give detailed information of the dental clinic, the city, the staff, and the surrounding area from the lady, and was convinced after having email conversations with Daniel at Piestany dental clinic, who also from the UK originally also. Thus, they had reassurance, and also, the price we were quoted by Daniel, was extremely low compared to what they were quoted by their dentist (almost 70% cheaper!)

Upon their arrival at Bratislava airport, they were picked up by Philip, one of the dental holiday drivers and taken to the dental clinic. They met with Dr. Marek, and the rest of the staff, and their first impression was that the dental clinic was so clean and inviting. They were in awe of the fact that everything was completely organized, from the transportation to and from the airport, to the accommodation facilities, and not to mention the actual dental treatment. “My dental treatment was second to none, and I couldn’t have wished for better!” she stated happily. They felt they were treated with respect and that the services were fabulous and professional, and the staff were warm and kind.

Overall, the price paid for everything all together, including the flight and accommodations, was less than half the price they would have to pay in England for the dental treatment. The are extremely happy with the follow up treatment and have been back a few times just to pay the dental clinic’s staff a friendly visit. Since then they have become a part of the Dental Holiday clinic family and will certainly be back to visit again.

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