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Worried about dental aftercare?

dental treatment abroad testimonials

Worried about dental aftercare or the quality of dental work done with Dental Holiday?

In a recent survey sent out to over 1000 of our past UK dental patients since 2007, 97% replied:

Fingers crossed, no problems whatsoever!

Here’s a couple of emails from our patients in 2008, writing to me now in 2011:

Hi everybody,
I have no complaints or whatever at all! My past treatment with you having held up very well.
Since I visited, all I have needed to do is go for periodical checks, which have always been satisfactory. If the need for treatment, necessitating a large outlay in cash was to come about, then I would undoubtedly visit; that is if age and health will allow – I am 80 next month and have developed a bit of an aortic valve problem! I remember my visit to your practice, the lovely smile of Ludmilla and the town of Piestany with fondness.
My kind regards to you all,

You completed all the necessary treatment to my upper teeth and it was far cheaper than receiving the same treatment here in England.
I have no complaints and appreciate all that you have done for me.
Best wishes,

And you? What are you waiting for?

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