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“My teeth had fallen into a bit of a poor state due to my own neglect. They weren’t bad but I hadn’t visited a dentist for a few years. My original dentist had years ago left the NHS and I then moved house a couple of times.

When I needed a dentist locally I couldn’t find one taking on NHS patients. I had a couple of teeth that needed work and, worst of all, my bridgework was losing its veneers. I was starting to look a bit like ‘Jaws’ from the Bond film.

I visited some local dentists and got quotes. They were all pretty expensive and I got the impression that they hadn’t done before the sort of work I needed. They didn’t give me much confidence in their abilities.

There’s a TV program in the UK called ‘Ten years younger’. They take someone who looks ‘lived in’ and do cosmetic surgery, hair do, make up and cosmetic dentistry. This opened my eyes to what was possible – my local dentists didn’t offer any options in treatment or materials.

I decided to search the Internet, mainly with Poland in mind as that seems to flag up whenever surgery or dentistry is mentioned in the UK. I can’t remember the word(s) I searched but some Polish Clinics came up plus your own.

I contacted two that caught my attention. One in Poland and yours. The polish one quickly came back with a menu of pricing. I looked into the logistics of getting to northern Poland which is achievable from the UK.

I was drawn to yours as your website was very good and answered most of my questions in its pages. I liked the fact that my point of contact was with an English name and an English speaker. It’s not that I’m anti everything that isn’t English but it was reassuring as I speak no Slovak- the same, I suspect, will be true for most of your potential clients.

There is a common misconception in the UK that any former Soviet bloc country is at the back of beyond and a bit third world (I don’t wish to offend anyone but that is the view of many here). I am happy to say that the opposite is true and I found the Slovak people and Piestany quite charming.

In brief, I liked your website and the English name. You also had information on flights from the UK , arranged a pick up from the airport and would book hotels. These are the things that gave me the confidence to proceed.

I read some of the comments of former clients and had no problem going ahead from there.

On arriving at the clinic I was immediately reassured by Dr Marek that he knew what he was about. I had thought that I’d look the place over, discuss options and prices then think about it for a while. In the event I was more than happy to go straight in for treatment. It was actually good to have a dentist with the time to speak to you – nothing like the UK where even as a private patient, you are working to the dentists time frame and not your own…

I opted for Procera bridgework which hadn’t been offered at home. Getting the bridge fixed was my priority. We discussed that and agreed the price, then I asked about removing those horrible Amalgam fillings. Again, no problem, so we settled on that.

Even the dental technician asked me how I’d like my teeth to look. I’ve not been asked that by any dentist/technician in the UK.

The whole experience was far less bother than I had expected and, despite having a lot of work done, involved little or no pain – discomfort is probably the best word.

During my two visits I felt that I had Dr Marek’s undivided attention and he wasn’t working with an eye on the clock and his next patient. The work is done to the highest standard, not down to a budget.

I would even say the whole experience was fun and I’d really like to visit Piestany without spending so much time having treatment.

The end result is that I have a set of lovely white teeth. I smile more, I feel more confident and I’m told I look younger. All for a bargain price, about a half or a third of the UK at a guess.

I will happily recommend it, and indeed have talked about it to anyone who’ll listen. My wife will be having some work done when we have the time and money. It’s amazing how many people in the UK have to put up with poor dental care or pay through the nose for mediocre work.

Please feel free to give my E Mail to any potential customers should they with wish to speak to a real previous client.

I hope you can do something with this rambling piece.

Give my regards to Dr Marek and his crew and good luck with your music and aid work.

I’ll see you in a few months as I’ll bring my wife for some treatment.”

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