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Lillian has 10 porcelain crowns

Here’s what she had to say about her dental treatment in a recent email:

“Hello Daniel,

I’m home now and very excited and pleased with my teeth, please thank Dr Marek and all your team for me, the whole experience was a very happy one for me. The professional way in which you all worked so hard to make me feel welcome, relaxed, and at home and of course the standard of Dr Marek’s work is incredible, thank you all so much.

I have had many remarks made to me at work today, such as “you look very happy and attractive today Lilian” and “you look different today, your smile is beautiful more than usual” and “you look so happy today are you in love?” That one made me laugh!

And of course no one knew that I had been away to have my teeth done, so when I told them all where I had been and what I had done they were all amazed and thought my teeth were fantastic, so they are all doing overtime now to save money to have their teeth done!

Thank Dr Marek for me and all your team it really was a great experience.



“The standard of Dr. Marek’s work is incredible” – Lillian

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