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The price of dental implants abroad

dental prices abroad
dental implants abroad are cheaper

The price of dental implants abroad varies from dental clinic to dental clinic, however in central Europe, the complete cost of a dental implant including implant abutment, dental crown and dentist fees, you can expect to pay:

Prices quoted are for full dental implants with titanium abutments, not zircon or procera implant abutments, and not for mini dental implants. The average dental clinic price is taken from various dental practices in each EU country that have their displayed their dental implant prices online in British pounds during the year of 2011.

What to remember about the costs of dental implants abroad

There are 3 different parts to the complete dental implant tooth. These 3 parts make up the final cost of a dental implant.

dental implant costs abroad

There is 1. the dental implant that goes into the jawbone, then 2. the implant abutment that goes on top of the implant, and on top of that you need 3. a crown or in the case of multiple implants an implant supported bridge or implant supported denture (commonly referred to as dentures implants or implant dentures).

Possible additions in other dental clinics abroad may be the doctors fees and possibly bone grafting or a sinus lift.

Regularly, I search the internet to find out dental implant prices around Europe, especially in Budapest, Krakow, Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava. Often I come across some very good prices, but take a closer look into and see that the price quoted is for the dental implant alone, which is not complete without the abutment and crown to go on top. Always check “is the dental abutment included in the dental implant price?”

A good dental implant clinic abroad should be able to give you a rough estimate on the costs of their dental implants, so don’t forget to compensate for the complete pricing of the the complete dental implant, meaning implant, abutment and crown, plus all fees.

That should at least give you a ballpark figure to work with if you are considering dental holiday for your dental implant.

How much does a single dental implant cost with your dental clinic abroad?

£397 for the dental implant

+ £197 for the implant abutment

+ £297 for a specialized dental implant crown

= £891

Do you have to pay the whole amount on the 1st visit? Certainly not! Please read our short article: how do I pay for my dental implants abroad.

Is there anything missing here that you think other would like to know? If so, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it as soon as possible, or use the green button on the right above to get a free dental treatment quotation and time plan.

These prices are from 2011.

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    • Hi Hussain, by a “complete set of implants” do you mean replacement of the whole upper or lower jaw using dental implants supporting bridgework of 12-14 teeth?
      Could you please let me know exactly what you need or perhaps send me a photograph of your current teeth?

  1. I am considering having major dental work.
    This will involve at least 2 implants, lower jaw Molars.
    I should to know how the general appearance of my smile can be improved.
    Currently I have veneers on my 2 front top teeth. My bottom front teeth are also mis-aligned.
    How to proceed?

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