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Smile Clinic Bratislava is a Professional, Well-Equipped Clinic with Reasonable Prices

The satisfaction of our patients is our primary interest. A few months after finishing the treatment with us, one of our patients – Mr. David from South Croydon, UK, sent us this pleasant review of his dental treatment and we want to share it with you!

This is the original testimonial from Mr. David:

Smile Clinic Bratislava is a Professional, Well-Equipped Clinic with Reasonable Prices

David´s X-ray after treatment

I still just about have all of my original teeth thanks to regular visits to my London dentist, but I had a life-long problem with the depth of my bite that was causing excessive wear and tear to all of my molar teeth, which were already crowned or heavily filled, and trauma to the front areas of my gums. It had reached the stage where my own dentist, and the consultant to whom I was referred, recommended various solutions.

My preferred solution primarily involved raised natural-looking zirconia crowns for all eight of my 7 and 8 molars, with posts for stability where necessary, but I could have bought a new small car for the estimated cost in London. I, therefore, started to examine the quality lower cost options available in some parts of Europe. I short-listed three dental practices in three countries, and my dentist who qualified in Praha also reviewed these.

Both of us chose Smile in Slovakia.

Why dental treatment in Slovakia?

1) The Smile Clinic/Dental Holiday Web site contained far more information about the dentists and their qualifications, the procedures available, and a clearer indication of likely fees than either of the other sites.

2) The Smile Clinic carried out the required treatment upon a regular basis, whereas in my home area many dentists only carried out this type of treatment upon an occasional basis, and the height of the crowns was critical to the success of the treatment.

3) The Smile clinic is very well-equipped with 3D X-Ray scanning, and both electro-surgery and laser-surgery equipment. I can assure that the latter two techniques are highly preferable to the traditional scalpel still used in many practices in my home area.

A final personal reason for choosing Smile, and Bratislava rather than the spa town of Piestany, was that I have old Bratislavan friends whom I had visited three times since the Velvet Revolution, and they were already aware of Smile clinic.

Clinic staff will help you

All advance preparations with Smile Clinic went smoothly with e-mails being promptly answered. Many of the staff are fluent in English, and all have sufficient English to conduct their aspect of the business. German also appears to be spoken by at least some of the staff.

Smile Clinic provide a complimentary chauffeur service, which is also used by various local embassies, from Vienna or Bratislava airports for both your arrival and departure on each visit, and so you do not have to worry about finding your hotel or the clinic. Smile Clinic can help you in making local accommodation bookings if you have any concerns, although I made my own bookings via my local contacts.

Each visit can be for as little as a day or so if you are pressed for time, although I stayed longer each time to catch up with my friends and changes to the city. The city centre is compact with the Old Town being the main tourist area well worth a few visits. Quite a few of those under forty have English as a second language whilst older residents tend to have German or Russian. You will not have any difficulty in travelling around the city. Missing your usual brands? Tesco has a number of branches in the city, and you will see that a number of the other multinational chains are present.

I got a new smile in 5 months

I made three treatment visits between November 2017 and March 2018. I received professional, considerate treatment on each occasion with the second visit being the major visit with several hours of dentistry being required. Breaks were provided as required. Apart from a slight problem with appointment times on my first visit, everything went smoothly.

My London dentist, their successor who has now taken over the practice, and I are very pleased with the treatment outcome, which has virtually eliminated the gum trauma in an aesthetically pleasing, long-term manner. The final fee was markedly below the London estimate even allowing for my off-season flight and hotel costs. I am therefore happy to recommend Smile to others and will consider using them for any other major treatment that I might require in the future.


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The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka “