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Bill had a complete set of upper and lower jaw implants; 5 implants and 12 crowns on the top and 4 implants and 12 crowns on the bottom. We refer to this as an “All on 4 Case”.   This procedure is a way to replace a whole arch of teeth on the upper or lower jaw.  Say goodbye to your dentures slipping or using denture glue. The All-on-4 implant technique is Internationally approved dental procedure.


All the staff was friendly and considerate, and of course, reasonably priced dental treatment. Piestany is a lovely place to come to.

17.10.2013 699
Bill after treatment

Dental Holiday has been providing dental implants on 1000’s of UK patients since 2006 and we’re so glad Bill had such a positive experience.

Our implants are 50 -70 percent cheaper that in the UK and we use Ankylos 5 material with a lifetime guarantee.  At Dental Holiday there are no hidden costs.  Our treatment plans are reviewed with you by our treatment coordinator so you understand what exactly your dental treatment and costs for treatment will be.

Piestany is a spa city just about 45 minutes northwest of Bratislava in Slovakia.  We are an easy, inexpensive flight away from the UK on RyanAir or you can check the  Castlepool website  for other airlines with the cheapest fares. There are lovely cafe’s and eatery’s in the city. Vienna is only about an hour or so away where you can shop ’til you drop or see the many historical sites the city has to offer. We will pick you up from either the Bratislava or Vienna airports and take you back after your treatment at no cost to you.  We’ll even arrange your accommodations for your stay in spa Piestany.

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