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“I recommend Dental Holiday without question”

Chris (1)

If you need treatment but can’t afford it in the UK then I would recommend Dental Holiday without question. Everything about the practice & practitioners here in Piešťany are 1st class. A 10-out-of-10!”

Chris had 3 dental implants, a sinus lift and 4 crowns continuing on from his  9 crowns with Dental Holiday in 2009 and returning in 2013 for more new dental treatment.

Chris gives Dental Holiday a 10-out-of-10 recommendation. This is what Dental Holiday strives for in our patient treatment and service. Located in a spa town, Piestany, Dental Holiday has been serving UK patients since 2006. With 1000’s of procedures completed, our staff and chief dentist, Dr. Marek, treats every patient with respect and provides the best dental care abroad possible.


We know dental treatment is at an all time high in the UK. You may have wanted one or two implants, veneers, root canal or perhaps a whole new set of teeth but just can’t afford UK prices. Now is the time to check out dental treatment abroad with Dental Holiday. We provide you with not only the best care, services and quality products, but our prices are around 70% lower than in the UK on some treatments.

That’s not all you get with our dental treatment abroad. You have the safe of mind there are no hidden costs plus will pick you up and take you back from Bratislava or Vienna airports for free! You won’t find that type of service in the UK!

Don’t wait for the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us today and get your free quote. It’s a great time to be alive!

1 thought on ““I recommend Dental Holiday without question””

  1. I’m half way through my treatment and I have been really happy with the treatment . The dental staff were very friendly and professional . There was no hidden cost and Dr marek is very easy to talk to and very professional . Looking forward to finishing my treatment


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