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“I have been recommending the clinic”

Sally from London has an elderly mother of poor health and found it difficult to get the time away to have here dental treatment done abroad with us.
However, as she was suffering from poor gums and gum disease on one side of her mouth, both upper and lower, she knew something had to be done as soon as possible.

Sally’s local dentist told her that it would be too difficult to do root canal treatment and the gums would need extensive treatment before dental implants could be considered. False teeth (dentures) were not an option for her at all so she was referred to a very expensive clinic in Hove for further treatment.

Sally had a full smile reconstruction done in Smile Clinic Pieštany with Dr. Marek and the team. As you can see from the photographs, the result is fabulous, as well as the overall cost of treatment.

Here’s what Sally had to say about her “Dental Holiday” in Slovakia:

I was unfortunate to have a bit of pain on my first visit but I gather this is very unusual and maybe it was something unforeseen about the state of my gums. My subsequent visits have been pain free, the treatment has been very good and I am really pleased with the result. I would ( and have been) recommending the clinic. All the staff are very nice and the airport transfer and booking accommodation have been very efficient.”