Remember the days when you still had teeth?

We can’t stand dentures!
Who can? You have better things to do with your life than worry if those false teeth will stay in at the restaurant when you eat your favourite meal with friends. Dental implants make dentures and false teeth a non-issue and restore full function and confidence to those with missing teeth, so you never have to worry about them again.

A dental implant quotation and treatment plan is free of charge, the necessary x-rays too.
In the spirit of helping UK dental patients as much as possible, we’ve decided to make all our dental consultations free for as many people as possible. We’ll even equip you with free temporary crowns / bridges while the dental implant is healing so that no-one will ever know that you’re have dental work done abroad.

Cost of Dental Implants abroad
We still need to keep the lights on in the dental clinic and the tummies of our families fed. So we charge the fair price of £397 per implant plus £197 for the implant abutment. It’s still a chunk, especially if you need more than one implant (to replace a full jaw of teeth you need 4-8 implants and a 12 point bridge across them), but for what took us 15 years of dental experience to learn and a lifetime of smiles for you, it’s certainly worth it 🙂

free dental quotation and treatment abroad

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