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Review your experience with Smile Clinic

I’m unhappy with my treatment, what should I do?

We take all patient feedback and complaints very seriously and we work to resolve your problem as timely as possible.

If you have any feedback or a complaint for us, please send a written response to

The email will be discussed in our weekly meeting with the Smile Clinic leadership team and a response will be sent to you.

Patient Referrals

While we are always happy that you refer our clinic to your friends, family & colleagues, Smile Clinic does not offer any monetary incentive for former or current patients who refer new patients to us.

We sincerely hope that all our patients, simply out of experience with our clinic and recognition of the difference a new smile can make to the world, will refer patients to us from the good of their heart 🙂

Where can I leave a review of my treatment with you?

The Smile Clinic team just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for choosing our dental clinic. We appreciate having you in our clinic and that you trust us with your smile.

We want to show other patients too, that we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Therefore, we are asking that you help us in this effort by posting a positive online review about our clinic. It will take just 30 seconds of your time.

Please click on this link now to leave us a review:

On behalf of the whole team in our clinic we wish you all the best for your future!

Thanking you in advance,

The Smile Clinic team

p.s. If you’re in the “reviewing” spirit, you can leave even more reviews for us here:

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