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Rip off dentists in the UK?

dental treatment abroad testimonials
dental treatment abroad testimonials

It’s sad to hear how people think of dentists in the UK…

Dear Daniel.
There’s a lot of people talking to me about teeth now! They tell me their tales of horror, rip-off phobia, bad communication, etc. from UK NHS and private. But it seems things have to get really bad before they actually put their money where their mouth is and get on a jet. Hope is a terrible thing! Xenophobia too. One lady, when I said I was off to Central Europe reacted: “Oh Dear! But then you’d have foreigners fixing your teeth!” I had to reply: ” I prefer to think of them as dentists!” Life eh?

All the best

Note from Daniel: Some dental patients tell us that there is more English staff in our dental clinic abroad than in the majority of London dental clinics!

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