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Satisfied Dental Treatment Patient

This is an email we’ve just received from one of our dental patients today, and we would like to share it with you:

Buongiorno Professore Marek,

Just getting over the soreness from the extraction of my 4 teeth, the swelling has gone down and feel much better!

I can’t wait to have my implants then I can SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!!!!!!!!!

I’m very please with my two new crowns and can’t wait to have the rest of my treatment done!!!!!! As I mentioned to you before ‘You are a mouth Architect that gives a new structure to the whole spectrum of the mouth and smile.

I have recommended you to my friends – they are waiting for my finale results!!!!!!

I look forward to my next treatment and meeting you and your caring nurses – Elenka and Monika.

My Best Wishes to you all.”

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