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“They have your best interests at heart”

Just because you need dental treatment, doesn’t mean you can’t save money on dental care abroad. Here’s what Dental Holiday patient Tom thought about our services and treatment.

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Dear Dental Holiday staff,

Firstly, I almost never bother to write testimonials. I’d like to say that’s because I’m normally too busy – but in truth there may be a bit of laziness involved as well 🙂 When I do write comments, normally they are negative ones as a result of some beef with the service. In fact I can’t actually remember the last time I deliberately sat down to actually give someone a positive review – so this is a very rare occasion because I am doing exactly that right now.

When I flew out I had an idea of what I wanted doing – which was some quite extensive work on my teeth. The team at Dental Holiday persuaded me *not* to have this work done – that it wasn’t necessary and that much more simple work would be perfectly adequate and better suited to my needs. I went out with the intention of spending thousands but ended up spending a few hundred quid instead. And they were perfectly right – the work done has cleared up the problems I was experiencing perfectly well. So please note *These people are 100% NOT going to try to rip you off.* They really have your best interests at heart and could not have been any more kind and helpful.

Since the work done was to be so much shorter than anticipated I ended up with lots of time on my hands and did some travelling in Slovakia. During this time they let me keep the keys to the apartment and the mobile phone they had lent me throughout – yet only charged me for the nights I said I stayed in the apartment. I can categorically state you would NEVER get this kind of trust or service here in the UK (what has the UK become?).

So yes, my thorough recommendation goes to Dental Holiday – very professional, great service, look after their customers really well, and… save you money!

Like Tom, you too can save money on dental care abroad at Dental Holiday. Whether you need veneers, one implant or a whole set, you can trust there are no hidden costs or fees. Contact us today for a free, trusted quote.

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