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“I saved £5000 coming on this dental holiday”

Ben from London had had a brace in for over a year to straighten his teeth before going to have 11 veneers done in a local UK dental clinic, where he found it much too expensive.

He asked if we could do the same for half the price – of course, we said yes 🙂

He made his first inquiry to our clinic before summer, and visited us shortly after summer when the flight prices were cheaper, and chose a local hotel for his accommodation.

The upper central 6 teeth and the bottom central 4 were recreated.

The entire dental treatment was completed in time for the Christmas holidays, and as you can see from the photographs, the result is stunning!

Here’s what Ben wrote to us in our visitors book on his way out…

Very pleased with work and service I received during my 2 visits. I saved £5000 coming on this Dental Holiday. I would recommend anyone to come and have dental work done.”