should I worry about X-rays?

The radiation is everywhere around us, and if you like it or not, you can´t avoid it.

Electromagnetic radiation (such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet and x-rays) is known since the early 19th century and can be very helpful in everyday activities. In medicine and in other places (f.e. airports) it is common to use X rays to see not only visible but also hidden structures.

Too much radiation exposure over longer time definitely can have an impact on health.

You should not be afraid of x-rays anymore

However, nowadays x-ray machines are extremely fast and the radiation is microscopic. Without x-ray images, even the best dentist can only guess what is happening in deeper tissues of your mouth.

About 50% of our teeth are covered by gums and bone. That means X-ray images are important in dentistry. Because nobody has x-ray vision, except for superheroes in movies 🙂

Did you know?

Radiophobia is a fear of ionizing radiation.

Dental x-rays are necessary:

  • to give you the most accurate treatment plan – diagnostics purposes;
  • for successful treatment of cavities, dental roots canals etc;
  • in dental surgery, (dental implants treatment, dental crowns treatment)
  • for orthodontic treatment and other

The biological effects of radiation on the body are described by a measurement called a millisievert – mSv.

There is so little radiation with dental X-ray scans that you would have to get over 5,000 scans in one year to equal the amount of radiation that you are naturally exposed to during your life.

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